About Us

Our story begins back in 2014. I owned two boats at the time. No, I wasn’t rich. I was in love with boating and sailing. To avoid being “boat-less” my husband and I purchased our Catalina 36 while still having our Catalina 30 ready for sale. My first few failed attempts at making triangular shaped fitted sheets for my new boat left me frustrated. I know others must be frustrated too. An internet search for boat bedding or boat sheets only provided results of sails “sheets” or bedding compound for boat hulls “bedding”. I first set out to make a sewing pattern that could help everyone. With two triangular cushion sets in two different sizes, I began to work on the project. I won’t bore you with the entire story. Let’s bring the story back to the present day, four years later. My company of 7 employees here in Maine makes thousands of sheet sets annually with my CinchFit fitted sheet design. Our sheets are not only sold as a Universal V Berth Boat design. We’re a top seller in home sizes, RV sizes and our most popular product is a sheet for half split adjustable beds that doesn’t rip with a FlexSquare design I created using my experience in sail repair. Oh and I’m now a custom sheet expert. Give me a drawing and I’ll make you a sheet.


Love the concept of the drawstring to …

Love the concept of the drawstring to fit our boat mattress. Not that crazy about the fabric. It's too coarse for my taste. Would love a more sateen finish.

Cindra Love the concept of the drawstring to …

These sheets fit our v berth perfectly

These sheets fit our v berth perfectly, are easy to put on, they stay in place and are so very comfortable.

Carolyn These sheets fit our v berth perfectly

King berth sheets

Great king fitted sheet for my boats berth. Great quality, purchased a couple of years ago and still look great! Thank you so much, Lou

LouAnn King berth sheets