CinchFit or Custom Sheets

CinchFit or Custom Sheets; comfortable and carefully designed sheets with braided and cord elastic

Introducing our CinchFit Sheets

Sailboat Interiors started in 2014 as a boat bedding company with good reason. I couldn’t find affordable sheets to comfortably fit the V Berth mattress in my 36-foot sailboat. More importantly, it seemed to me that my fellow boat-owners would appreciate an innovative sheet design as much as I. Therefore, the idea was born and the hard work started – Making of the CinchFit Sheets.

As a result, I created a sheet that fits several mattress and cushion sizes. Add a cord lock to the design and you are ensured your sheets will stay on. Problem solved!

CinchFit Sheets are one size larger than the mattress to be used on. Customers can enjoy the comfortable and carefully designed sheets with braided and cord elastic, the CinchFit sheet then cinches around the mattress, for a perfect fit. 

Our most popular home sheet sizes include Split King and Split Flex King. These sheet sizes fit adjustable mattresses. Both my fellow boat-owners, and homeowners nationwide love this solution. Check out the product reviews and you’ll see why.

Lastly, CinchFit sheets are offered in several colors and in cotton or flannel, each custom sheet set contains a fitted sheet, top sheet, and two queen pillow cases. The Universal fitted V Berth sheets fit sailboats from 27′ to 40′ and their larger Universal XL V Berth sheet sets fit even the largest power boat V Berths.

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