Custom CinchFit Boat Sheet Form

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Custom CinchFit Boat Sheet Set from us!

I’d like to order Custom Boat Sheets but I’m unsure how to measure my mattress?
We have two measuring guides available to help you measure your cushions/mattress. For a basic V Berth shape, we only need the Head width, Foot Width, length straight down the mattress between the Head and Foot as well as the cushion/mattress depth. For rounded or diamond shaped berths, we need these measurements drawn out on paper and also the measurement for the widest area of the berth and then a reference point of where this is on the berth by including either the distance from the Foot or Head of this point. You can then take an image using your phone and email us the measurements. We will replace or re-make any custom bedding as long as you alert us to any issues with fit within 30 days of your purchase. If we have any questions, we’ll email you for more information. You can also email us for more help with measuring at 

We do not accept returns on Custom Ordered or Made to Order Bedding. If there is an issue with fit, we will work with you to modify the item to your liking or provide a replacement product. 

How long does it take to receive Custom Boat Sheets once ordered?
They typically ship in a three to four weeks from the time of order.  

Do you also customize Boat Blankets, Quilts and Duvets? How do I order these? We can modify these products for you at no additional charge. Just order the V Berth size and send us a message on what you need modified so it fits nicely on your boat.

Do you have Universal Sizing on the mattress protectors and pads or do I need to order custom and provide measurements?
You do need to provide measurements for these products and order the Custom Size on the listing.  

Please fill out the form below and we will reach out if we need any additional information.

Custom CinchFit Boat Sheets
We need the Head Width, Foot Width and Length straight down the center of the mattress between the Head and Foot. Please note the measurements of any cut out areas or corners.
We need the Head Width, Foot Width, the Length on the straight side of the Berth and the length on the curved hull side of the Berth.
We need the Head Width, Foot Width and Length straight down the center of the mattress between the Head and Foot. Then we also need the Total Width at the widest point of the berth and then how far this area is located from the Head and Foot.
Odd Shaped & Very Round Berths
Please email with a template using Mil 2 Clear Plastic drop cloth. Indicate on the template where your Head and Foot are according to how you sleep in the berth and where you would like the adjustable cord exit located.
Where would you like the cord exit/cord storage pocket located? *
Would you like Queen/Standard or King Pillowcases? *
Would you like your top sheet tapered? *
If you answered yes:
For most boat berth shapes and sizes, please draw out a diagram of your mattress and include your mattress depth. Please label the Head and Foot of the berth based on your body position when sleeping. Email drawings to