Order Processing & Shipping

How long will it take to receive my order?
In the product descriptions we list whether a product is in stock and if not, how long it may take to ship the product. If you’ve ordered several items, timing would be based on the product that has the longest processing time.

How will I know that my order has shipped?
We will send you an email with tracking information once your order ships.

Can I place a rush on my order?
You can email us at cinchfitbedding@gmailcom before placing your order to be sure we can accommodate a faster processing time on your order. We may recommend different materials or colors that we know are in-stock or on hand to make your product.

Do you ship internationally? How much does it cost?
We do ship internationally. Before placing your order, please email us at cinchfitbedding@gmail.com and we can give you a shipping cost estimate. At the time of our shipment, we will let you know the actual charges and send you a PayPal Invoice via email. PayPal is not required to make the payment. Please note that we are not responsible for any additional duties or taxes that may be owed upon receipt. We also are not responsible for additional costs that may arise due to customs import issues.


What is the procedure to initiate a return?
We ask that you send us an email at cinchfitbedding@gmail.com to let us know the reason for your return. You can then send the product(s) via UPS to Quahog Bay Bedding, 215 Neptune Drive, Brunswick ME 04011. Enclose a note with the return to let us know the order number and reason for the return.

What is your returns policy?
As long as you have not washed or used your bedding product, we will accept your return and credit you back. We are flexible on the timing of returns as many of our boating customers have delays from when the product is purchased to when they are able to get to their boats.
For our Split Flex Bedding No Rip Return policy see our Split Flex Bedding FAQS section.

What do I do if I ordered the wrong size and need an exchange?
The easiest way to correct this is to order the correct size and then follow our returns instructions to receive credit back for the wrong size.

Split Flex Bedding - No Rip Guarantee Policy

Does your No Rip Guarantee apply to all Split Flex Bedding Products?
Yes, even though it may not specifically say on the product listing we do guarantee all of our Split Flex Bedding Products. With our FlexSquare design, the stress is relieved from the flex center so the product will not rip. The products are hand sewn and a stitching error can cause the product to rip on a rare occasion which is why we offer this guarantee.

If the product rips, what should I do?
In most cases, we will only require an email sent to cinchfitbedding@gmail.com with our order information and an image of the rip. We may require the sheet to be returned at our expense to further look in to the issue. We will then send out a replacement product. For our sheet sets, we will only send out a replacement fitted sheet.

Home Sheet Sizing

My mattress is slightly irregular and/or angled, will these fit?
As long as the total Length and Width (or Head, Length and Foot Dimensions for boats) is smaller than the maximum size of the sheet, the fitted sheet will cinch to fit nicely around odd shapes.

What is the maximum mattress depth for Home Sheet Sizes?
The maximum is 15”. If your mattress is an inch or two deeper, the sheet may still fit but will rise up slightly on the sides. We can make Custom Sheets for deeper mattresses to get the fit perfect for you.

Universal & Universal XL V Berth Sheet Sizing

My boat mattress is only a few inches longer than the maximum length for one of the Universal V Berth Sizes, will they fit?
The maximum mattress depth is 6 inches for these products. If your mattress is not this deep, the sheet set will fit a slightly longer or wider v berth mattress.

My boat mattress is just under the measurements for the Universal V Berth Size, should I order this size or the Universal XL V Berth Size?
With our CinchFit design, you can comfortably order a slightly larger size and it will cinch smaller to fit nicely.

I don’t see my boat listed, is there a way to be sure it will fit?
Our Universal V Berth Size fits almost all sailboats under 40 feet in length. Our Universal XL V Berth Size fits even the largest of power boat v berths. You can always order a set and try it on your v berth before washing it. If there is any issue with fit, we’ll work with you to get a size that does.

I see where it says the Top Sheet is modified and trimmed towards the Foot but I sleep with my Head towards the Foot and so I wouldn’t want this modification?
We can leave the Top Sheet as a King Sized Top Sheet for you at no extra charge. Just add a Note in the Checkout area that you sleep with your head towards the foot and to keep the Top Sheet as King Size. It may take 7-9 business days to ship the sheet set instead of 2 business days where we’ll need to make it special for you.

Custom Boat Bedding Ordering Information

I’d like to order Custom Boat Sheets but I’m unsure how to measure my mattress?
We have two measuring guides available to help you measure your cushions/mattress. For a basic V Berth shape, we only need the Head width, Foot Width, length straight down the mattress between the Head and Foot as well as the cushion/mattress depth. For rounded or diamond shaped berths, we need these measurements drawn out on paper and also the measurement for the widest area of the berth and then a reference point of where this is on the berth by including either the distance from the Foot or Head of this point. You can then take an image using your phone and email us the measurements. If we have any questions, we’ll email you for more information. You can also email us for more help with measuring at cinchfitbedding@gmail.com.

How long does it take to receive Custom Boat Sheets once ordered?
They typically ship in a week and a half from the time of order.

Do you also customize Boat Blankets, Quilts and Duvets? How do I order these? We can modify these products for you at no additional charge. Just order the V Berth size and send us a message on what you need modified so it fits nicely on your boat.

Do you have Universal Sizing on the mattress protectors and pads or do I need to order custom and provide measurements?
You do need to provide measurements for these products and order the Custom Size on the listing.


Do you sell extra pillow cases?
Pillow Case Sets are located in the Home Sheet section of our website. We have them available in both Cotton and Bamboo options.

Do you ever sell just the Fitted Sheet only?
Our sheet set material comes in complete sets. The only time we have a Fitted Sheet only product is when there is a defect in the material in a Top Sheet. If we have them available, you will find them in our CLEARANCE section.


Do the rugs come in other sizes?
Yes, they can be made to any size or shape needed. Email us at cinchfitbedding@gmail.com to receive a quote.

Can they be made with a small notch or area that is smaller or narrower to fit into a tight space?
Yes, just let us know the exact shape and measurements you need. Email us at cinchfitbedding@gmail.com to receive a quote.

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