It’s that time of year again, when the weather cools and our focus turns to the inside of our homes. If we’re expecting house guests over the holidays, our focus becomes even clearer as we prepare for them. People talk a lot about Spring cleaning, but we know better. Fall cleaning with guests arriving is a busy, extended period of time from the beginning of November through the day after New Years. If you have any energy left after you clean, clean some more and then clean a bit more, here are some thoughtful ideas on preparing your house before they arrive.

Thoughtful Guest Bathroom Ideas

Place extra toilet paper rolls in sight.  Add a small night light to your bathroom so guests can easily find their way at night.  Provide a fresh box of tissues.  With the weather cooling, many people have colds this time of year. It’ll add a decorative item to help guests feel welcome.  Add a new hand, wash and bath towel set to brighten and freshen the room since the last time they stayed. You might even find a tissue box that matches the theme of your towels. Provide a fresh smell to your bathroom but one that isn’t overwhelming for guests. A neat trick is to use order eating gels next to a scented hand soap. It cleans the air and brings out the scent of the hand soap at the same time.

Thoughtful Guest Bedroom Ideas

Some of the thoughtful ideas for bathrooms can also be used for Guest Bedrooms – providing a night light, tissues and odor absorbing gel to freshen the air. Night light, lite detergent and non-allergy dryer sheets, new items like a new colorful blanket on the foot of the bed – doesn’t look like you just opened up the door from the last time they were in the room. New set of flannel sheets provide a soft and warm welcome to your guests.

A Few More Ideas

Light a candle shortly before they arrive so your home smells of the candle fragrance and not your usual unique home smell. It will also add a nice ambiance to your living space. Check your ceiling areas for cobwebs – a large missed cobweb would ruin all the cleaning efforts you made at eye level. Take time to remember if there was anything they mentioned last time that prompts you with ideas for their stay. Do they always forget a certain item? Do they typically ask for certain pain relievers or cold medicines? If you have a lot of cooking planned, please do try to prep or cook as much as you can ahead of time. Choose some snacks to have on hand that require little work but keep your guests nourished. Some ideas are: nut bowl with nut crackers, a homemade snack mix, chips with a couple types of dip choices or a fresh salsa. Now relax and plan to relax as best you can this holiday season and enjoy the time you have to spend with friends and family.

We hope our post has inspired you to add some extra thoughtful touches for your guests this upcoming holiday season. What are some thoughtful ideas you have done in the past? Please share to help keep the inspiration going. What are you looking forward to most this holiday season? Please comment and share your thoughts with us! From all of us at Quahog Bay Bedding, we wish you a very happy, safe and special holiday season this year!


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