Luxury CinchFit RV Mattress Pad – Temperature Regulating

Luxury CinchFit RV Mattress Pad with CinchFit design to hold the pad in place.




Luxury CinchFit RV Mattress Pad with CinchFit design to hold the pad in place. This Temperature Regulating Mattress Pad is specially made for those who sleep warm at night, this mattress pad features 300 thread count moisture wicking cotton paired with a blend of Polyester and Tencel fibers. The luxury Tencel fiber blend helps to pull away moisture and offers a cooler sleep experience. This mattress pad is considered a medium weight with 8 ounces per square yard of a cool blend filling mixture of 70% polyester and 30% Tencel.

Our CinchFit design includes traditional braided elastic in the fitted sheet and additional quality cord elastic washable & dryable to 200 degrees throughout the entire fitted sheet. The cord elastic exits the elastic casing on the side of the pad and using cord locks can be either cinched tightly to keep the sheet on the mattress or loosened to easily remove the pad. A cord storage pocket provides storage for the excess cording when laundering.

CinchFit products fit up to the listed size and cinch to fit all mattress sizes that are smaller. The fabric will conform to fit the size and shape of the mattress. Extra fabric will cinch snug under the mattress. 

All RV Mattress Pads have a 11″ depth and cinch for a perfect fit on smaller depths. For 15″ Depth options, see our Home Sizes. 

RV Bunk 34″ x 75″ 
Twin XL 39″ x 80″ 
RV 3/4 Full 48″ x 75″ 
Full 54″ x 75″
RV Full XL 53″ x 80″ 
RV Short Queen 60″ x 75″ 
Queen 60″ x 80″ 
RV Short King 72″ x 78″ 
RV King 72″ x 80″ 
King 78″ x 80″
Cal King 72″ x 84″