Clearance Adjustable Bedding CinchFit Sheets

CLEARANCE Adjustable Bedding Sheets – See available options below.




CLEARANCE Adjustable Bedding CinchFit Sheets – Almost all clearance sets are not complete sets. Please see description for which sheet set items are included with the product. FS = Fitted Sheet TS = Top Sheet PC – Pillow Case PCS = Pillow Cases

Split King CinchFit Sheets

Split Flex King CinchFit Sheets
Split Flex King 600TC Bamboo Sheet Set – Temporarily Discontinued Material (as we focus on making stock in 600TC Cotton) – White (1 Available), Ivory (1 Available), Grey (2 Available)

Split Flex Cal King CinchFit Sheets
Split Flex Cal King 600TC Cotton – Depth of 12″ Inches – Fitted Sheet ONLY – Grey
Split Flex Cal King 300TC Cotton – Fitted Sheet and Pillow Cases ONLY – White

Pillow Cases
King Size Pillow Case Set-White (2)

CinchFit Design
To learn more about our CinchFit Sheet Design, you can also visit our informative website HERE. Our CinchFit design includes traditional braided elastic in the fitted sheet and additional quality cord elastic washable & dryable to 200 degrees throughout the entire fitted sheet. The cord elastic exits the elastic casing on the side of the sheet and using cord locks can be either cinched tightly to keep the sheet on the mattress or loosened to easily remove the sheet. A cord storage pocket in contrasting color from the sheet material provides storage for the excess cording when laundering and helps our customers to easily know where the side of the sheet is located.

Flex Sheet Design

The ONLY Split Flex Sheet that doesn’t rip. Will fit mattresses that are adjustable and separate into two mattresses 35″ from the top. We now have a NO RIP guarantee on all Split Flex Sheet Sets. Designed and created by us in 2016 and using the principles of sail repair, our FlexSquare reinforcement prevents our sheets from ripping 99.9% of the time. We also use a stretchable, White material in the center boxing area. If you find yourself in the .1% at anytime just send us photos and we will arrange a replacement part.>/span>




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