v-berth sheets review

We get a lot of great feedback from our customers on our Universal Fitted V-Berth Sheets. Boaters love that they are handmade, or that we use 300 threadcount Egyptian Cotton, or that they are supporting a small, local business.

But most of our great reviews are because of the fact that they are specifically made with boats in mind. It doesn’t make sense to try to fit a rectangle sheet on a triangle bed. That leaves you with a lot of extra fabric that has to be nipped and tucked somewhere, and it ends up being a huge inconvenience and source of stress — just to make the bed.

One of our customers, Melody of Saving to Sail, who blogs about living a laptop lifestyle, and how to make money while living on a sailboat, used to struggle with making the bed with standard sheets. She bought a set of our Universal V-Berth Sheets about a year ago and emailed to let us know they are still holding up strong but that mostly she no longer dreads making the bed!

She offered to make a video testimonial to show just how easy it is to make the bed with our v-berth sheets. In fact, she can do it in under a minute, and bragged that she almost has it down to 30 seconds. So without further ado, here you go!

 Looks like her actual bed-making time was right at about 40 seconds Рawesome!

You can also read another review by Carolyn of The Boat Galley who loves her sheets as well (although she didn’t get the v-berth sheets since her mattress was square). Same concept, though!

The Secret of our V-Berth Sheets Success

What sets our v-berth sheets apart from the competition is not only the fact that they are high-quality sheets but the secret is in the cinch.

Our fitted v-berth sheets don’t just have elastic like most other sheets. They have an additional elastic cord that turns your sheets into sort of a drawstring around your mattress, so you can cinch it up as tight as you want to ensure a nice, tight fit that won’t pop off in the middle of the night as you move.


v-berth sheets

Our patent pending cinching feature keeps sheets in place!

So there you have it — a customer testimonial for our Universal V-Berth Sheets. Thanks, Melody!

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