split king

May 17, 2020

Cinch fit sheets

I love the bamboo cinch fit split king sheets I purchased in the past. They are so light and cool for summer and I loved the cinch fit that kept the bottom sheets from popping off the adjustable bed when it is raised. When I had the extra to purchase another set, I was dismayed to learn they had stopped making the bamboo sheets for a split king bed. They said they would custom make them but the price is WAY to high for me. When they were on sale I had also bought the 300 count cotton split king sheets in Navy and they are nice. Not a big fan of all cotton sheets as it does get hot but the 300 count is lighter then 600 count. I wanted another set of light colored sheets and tried to get light blue in the 300 count cotton, but again they didn’t have them, so I purchased a set in white that was on sale. Now I see there are no 300 count cotton sheets offered.