Sherry O'Toole November 12, 2021

Love our new sheets and blanket. They fit perfect and are so much nicer then using bulky sleeping bags. They we’re delivered quickly & are quality made.

Richard Williams November 12, 2021

Neat idea for more convenient sheets with ties is security tightens on the edges making an easier more secure sheet! Great item! Thank!

Janet Cecchettini November 12, 2021

Great experience! Sent samples upon request so that I could make a decision on which sheets to order. When I placed my order, the sheets arrived in a timely manner and fit my split top king bed perfectly, thanks to the adjustable cinch feature. The reinforced stretch insert for the center split is genius and I expect it will hold up very well.

I’ll be ordering another set soon as a backup.

Cynthia Hebert November 12, 2021

Your sheets fit our split top king size sleep number bed perfectly. We were having trouble finding sheets that fit our bed. So I am so glad we found your website. They are so very comfortable and look so nice!!

Cindy November 12, 2021

Putting sheets on my V Berth bed have never been easier. The sheets are soft and comfy.

Gina Hamilton November 12, 2021

I ordered about 3-4 years ago and was very unhappy with the flannel sheets as the material was scarcely lacking and they also shrunk!!!
I decided to give them one more try this year since I really really needed a new set after the last one had a hole or two.
WELL… after all the problems last time, and after voicing my concerns about the small sheets and shrinking issues…. I have been happily surprised!
The sheets arrived and to my surprise they have fixed the problems with the sheets… added inches to the flat sheet and also to the fitted sheet (split head) and even has room to shrink as flannel always does!!!
THANK YOU Quahog for listening to me and for fixing the sheet problems to make a NOW quality soft amazing flannel sheet!
As long as your quality continues I will be ordering new flannels every few years! YES YES YES!
Love these sheets… now they have been quality controlled and I must say they are amazing and wash up so nicely!

Marge LoRusso November 12, 2021

I love my new sheets. They are so soft and comfortable. The fitted sheet stay in place, love the adjustable elastic. Best of all , no more ironing, they’re wrinkle free. Will be ordering more. Have told my friends about them, one is coming over to check them out. Thank you soo much.

William B July 19, 2021

Received my Split King Sheet set last week and am delighted to report that they fit like a charm. I loved the elastic banding around the bottom sheet and not having a actual split down the top is a great feature. It was so much easier to make up the bed. I will never buy another Sleep Number sheet set again.
My only desire would be to have a sheet available with a hight thread count. I researched on line and could not find anyone above a 750 which was very surprising to me. If you can afford to buy a $10,000 mattress you should be able to afford to buy a high quality sheet regardless of the cost.
In any event you have won over a new customer and I am looking forward to doing business with you in the future. You workmanship is outstanding and the product exceeded my expectations.

HR NICHOKSON June 12, 2021

I was skeptical of getting sheets that were not custom on our Silverton 39MY. However the sheets we received were high-quality and fit perfectly without being a custom sheet. They were shipped very quickly and arrived in perfect condition highly recommend them for boaters. The drawstring Finn was a perfect solution.

AB June 11, 2021

As a first time cabin boat owner I needed a lot of help – every part of my experience was great!

Dorinda Rendahl May 17, 2021

This has been an exceptional experience from beginning to end. Ordering was easy, and customer service even personally contacted me because they needed my physical address instead of a P.O. Box. I was kept updated as to delivery, and my product came when they said it would. The quilt, shams and pillows for our V berth is beautiful and very well made. I will definitely be ordering all of our bedding needs from Quahog Bay Bedding.

SV Avemar April 23, 2021

I was skeptical but after sleeping in these sheets for a week, I’m a believer.

J Monza March 31, 2021

Bought the 600ct sheet set for a flex top King mattress that we have. They are well made and fit great.

Linda devries March 5, 2021

I own a split flex king bed and these sheets are the absolute best for this bed. I have gotten a few and never disappointed.

February 20, 2021

We purchased a new boat. All of our bedding, we ordered through Quahogbaybedding. Including the V Berth + Aft Cabin! The Mattress Pads are wonderful, they are soft, fit PERFECTLY! Our Sheets are incredibly soft, breathable and most importantly, fit both beds perfectly. The blankets work for both myself (cold all the time) and my husband who is warm all of the time. They keep us both very comfortable.
All products arrived timely and without any incident!

HWright February 11, 2021

Love , love, love the flannel King flex top sheets!!

I’ve had a set for a year or two and they’re still like new. Other flex top sheets become worn and tear at the “V” where the flex top
meets, the Quahog Bay sheets show zero sign of wear. Also, because of the cinch fit cord , they never pop off the corner of the mattress!

I would definitely recommend these sheets to anyone looking for Flex top or Split King bedding. They do cost more but in the end , you can purchase multiple sets of lesser quality sheets online
that rip after a few months use -or- you can get 1 set of Quahog Bay sheets that will last you for years. It’s a simple choice 🙂

LInda and Guy February 7, 2021

We purchased a fitted sheet for our 2021 Pursuit OS 325 and it did not fit. It was too small. I wrote to the company and they immediately sent us an XL universal V berth sheet to replace the one we purchased. It fit perfectly. What a beautiful sheet. Very well made, very soft. Pure quality. We cannot say enough about the wonderful customer service-they stand behind their products and very extremely helpful. Their goal is to make the customer happy which they did. The shipping was fast too. I don’t have anything negative to say about the company and the entire experience. Would give ten stars if I could. Highly recommend.

Jan January 30, 2021

These sheets are really the best all around! The fabric, the thread count, the quality! The craftsmanship is outstanding! This is our 2nd set . Much better made than any of the other split sheets. The knit fabric they use-between the two tops keeps the sheets from tearing. Makes for better longevity. A lovely variety of colors. Made, ships and arrives in a reasonable amount of time. Sheets are so comfy. Will be buying more sets soon!!

Brenda January 27, 2021

These sheets have a very soft, almost silky feel. They have a pull cord to make sure they fit snug on the bed.

Jason DeSalvo December 27, 2020

Quahog Bay Bedding is the real deal. Their bedding is USA-made, they offer excellent, responsive customer service and their prices are reasonable. My wife and I will be buying all of our bedding from them from now on!

Rafael Fernandez December 15, 2020

Sheets, blanket and quilt fit and look great not to mention are very comfortable!!

November 20, 2020

Great looking, very comfortable and well made. Very happy!

R Dyer November 9, 2020

These sheets are thick, soft and warm. The bottom sheets fit well on our split California king, with little slipping. I do wish the top sheet was a bit wider, as it is much narrower than our other sheets, but overall we love them.

Michelle October 21, 2020

We purchased a sleep number bed and I passed on purchasing sheets from their store. The material was thin and felt slick. I searched the Internet for the split/top style and found the sheets were basically all the same made from a micro material. I was thrilled to find Quahog Bay Bedding has 600 count cotton. They feel like traditional cotton sheets and do not slip off. We love them❤️

Kelly M October 13, 2020

These are truly amazing sheets. I purchased my first set to fit our RV King size sheets for our new trailer. I am a sheet snob and needed super cozy sheets for our home away from home . I loved them so much, I had to get a set for our Temperpedic mattress, which is also hard to fit. Very happy with my sheets!

Marij321 October 6, 2020

I have long purchased quality sheets for our split king adjustable bed. The past company I bought from sold good quality sheets but they do tear after somewhat over a year’s use. I decided to try a new company and chose Qayhog Bay. We received our sheets and I am stunned at the high quality of cotton/bamboo used in our set. It’s so gorgeous and soft and comfortable. I am going to order a second set soon. I wish I could give you a ten star. I most highly recommend these sheets and this company. They are custom made so take a bit to get them but the wait is positively worth it. This is one GREAT company!

Carolyn W October 1, 2020

Just got my new cinch sheets for our boat and very happy with fit and the quality of materials. Cinch worked nice on the bed, and LOVE the Head Foot tags on the fitted so easier to know how to put on the bed.

KristiB September 20, 2020

The website was easy to use and figure out what sizes I needed for my new RV bed. I ordered the bamboo sheets and they are luxurious, soft and beautiful. Thank you!

Jess P. September 10, 2020

I worked specifically with Beth at Quahog Bay Bedding. She made everything simple and was able to help me get my order under a time crunch. The bedding quality is great, especially for the price. Very happy with the product we received. Thanks, Beth!

MY August 5, 2020

Very classy
Falls nicely and beautiful color

Ann Harrison August 3, 2020

Making up the bunk in the forward cabin is much more gratifying with your sheets that stay put.

MY July 23, 2020

Very classy
Falls nicely and beautiful color

Jennifer July 18, 2020

I ordered bedding from Quahog Bay Bedding too close to my departure date, and it didn’t arrive before we left. I contacted customer service, and Beth very kindly helped me see the mistake was mine (I should have realized it wouldn’t arrive before we left). Nevertheless, she refunded my purchase and paid to ship the box back. She provided exceptional customer service, and I will buy from them again.

Brenda July 14, 2020

The sheets for our boat were fairly easy to put on and stayed in place! They were very soft and comfortable as well.

Lorraine July 8, 2020

We only needed the fitted sheet for our king split head bed. We have used this product in the past. Compared to ANY other sheet for the same bed this is by far the most durable & long lasting. We were lucky that there was 1 on sale & the damask blue stripes are beautiful!

Gary Wegner July 6, 2020


Melissa July 3, 2020

These sheets feel great and fit our split top king better than the manufacturer sheets. Will be purchasing more. Don’t hesitate, these are good quality which I expect will last a very long time. This is our 2nd purchase from Quahog Bay.

ALICE MARKLE June 30, 2020

I love the feel of the sheets and they fit perfectly on our V berth bed. No more wrinkles is so comfortable!

Candace McLendon June 30, 2020

First of all the quality of the sheets I ordered is marvelous and the periwinkle blue color is beautiful. But what was really appreciated was the prompt help when we had question about selecting the appropriate size for the v-berth and later about the installation. We are very pleased with the product and the service

Rebecca M LeBlanc June 12, 2020

After spending too much $$ on sheets from the bed manufacturer that continued to rip @ the flex-top – I found Quahog Bay Bedding – we now own 3 sets as they recently had a great sale and I never want to be without these sheets again! Wonderful fabric and their flex-design took care of the splitting issue! Love their stuff!

Pat M. June 11, 2020

I just purchased these sheets to fit the v-berth in our sailboat. They fit perfectly. I love that they can be cinched to keep them in place. They are very soft and keep you cool at night.

Julie Lofgren June 7, 2020

I love your sheets so much ….my first order was flannel sheets that were warm and cozy…weather getting a little warmer so I ordered cotton sheets ..just slept on them last night ,slept like a baby. Your sheets are of are the highest quality..I know I will order my sheets when needed..Thank You for a USA made quality product

Laura Belle June 2, 2020

Perfect fit, good quality. I will but more of this product

Rebecca M LeBlanc May 29, 2020

After spending hundreds of dollars on fitted sheets for our flex-top mattress that would become shredded as my hubby needs to have his side “raised” to wipe out the snoring – we found your bedding and the design of the fitted sheets is terrific! Just purchased a second/third set (sale!) as it’s good to have a back up set! The fitted sheet is still going strong after a year of 3 cats, 1 dog, 1 very loud snorer and me, the lady who washes it twice/week! Thanks so much!

Renee G May 22, 2020

Wow, high quality, comfortable and perfect fit.

Susan Gabert May 21, 2020

We are launching a new boat and Quahog has been very responsive to questions asked online in addition to fast delivery of order – good quality fleece footed blanket.

Phoebe May 20, 2020

Comfy, well-made sheets – and I love the CinchFit!

split king May 17, 2020

I love the bamboo cinch fit split king sheets I purchased in the past. They are so light and cool for summer and I loved the cinch fit that kept the bottom sheets from popping off the adjustable bed when it is raised. When I had the extra to purchase another set, I was dismayed to learn they had stopped making the bamboo sheets for a split king bed. They said they would custom make them but the price is WAY to high for me. When they were on sale I had also bought the 300 count cotton split king sheets in Navy and they are nice. Not a big fan of all cotton sheets as it does get hot but the 300 count is lighter then 600 count. I wanted another set of light colored sheets and tried to get light blue in the 300 count cotton, but again they didn’t have them, so I purchased a set in white that was on sale. Now I see there are no 300 count cotton sheets offered.

Chris May 17, 2020

I was not in the market for new sheets, however I was looking for a way to keep my current sheets from pulling off my 16” thick king size mattress. I found Quahog’s cinch sheets online not even knowing that cinch sheets existed. I decided to order the 600tc bamboo sheets in dark gray. They arrived about a week and a half later in nice packaging. After a few nights sleep, I would give these a 10/10. They are always cool to the touch and very soft. They have not come loose from the bed corners either. I would recommend 10/10

Sheets April 14, 2020

I just purchased another set of their sheets. I will not buy sheets from any other company. Not only are the sheets great but so is their customer service. We have a split top king and found out the hard way that the material used in the split wears out or rips in other brands. Not in the ones from Quahog Bay. They are so well constructed and the sheets feel fabulous. We purchased the 600TC. I highly recommend Quahog Bay Bedding.

Katie April 10, 2020

The bedding we ordered was so soft and fit perfectly in our luxury RV. Customer service was excellent and responded to our questions promptly. We would highly recommend Quahog Bay Bedding to anyone.

Cheryl Reinig April 7, 2020

Okay, I admit it, I’m very particular about my sheets. I have always bought better quality sheets because I hate sheets that are scratchy or that don’t stay on the bed. I found Quahog Bay and ordered a set for my bed. I ordered the RV King for our wonderful new mattress in our RV. They arrived and I knew immediately that they were high quality. They were so smooth. We put them on the bed and they fit perfectly. They are cool and smooth and the bottom sheet stays put. We have walked them as instructed in cold water. I was hopeful that they wouldn’t change. If they changed at all, it would be that they got even softer. We are thrilled with our new bamboo sheets from Quahog Bay. If you love your sheets cool, soft and smooth you need to order a set right now!

Michele April 6, 2020

If you struggle like myself in making any bed whether on a boat, RV or that big king size bed you have at home, these are the sheets to order! No more laying on the bed in order to put on the fitted sheets only to have a corner get away from you and only have to start all over again. Easy to launder and the feel is luxurious. You will not be disappointed. Have a question and they are fast to answer your email. I haven’t called them to know but I would imagine an actual person will answer the phone! Beat product vote from me! Thank you smooth sheets on my odd shaped boat bed!

Heather March 31, 2020

Wonderful company. Excellent products and customer service. Would highly recommend.

Exceptional March 22, 2020

We purchased a Split Top Sleep Number Bed along were their sheets. Quite honestly Sleep Number’s sheets don’t compare with the quality and weight of Quahog Bay Sheets. We are so happy that we found your website, and so happy that we ordered two sets!

Paul Fisette March 18, 2020

I have had used many different brands of sheets in my life and Quahog Bay makes the best! It’s really as good as they say.

Wonderful! March 14, 2020

These sheets are very comfortable, reasonably priced and made in the USA! We have the split king and have tried multiple other types, including bamboo, and the Quahog sheets surpass all others. Am buying more for the other beds.

Pinehero19 This is my second set. I came back because these are the BEST sheets ... February 15, 2020

This is my second set. I came back because these are the BEST sheets I have had the pleasure of owning. Perfect size for an unusual mattress, luxurious soft, rich feel. Not my first set from them, and won’t be my last, either!

Michael Outstanding Service! February 6, 2020

I ordered the incorrect size custom sheets. I am extremely grateful for the assistance and expedited service on getting me the proper set. My wife is very happy with the quality of the product. Thank you!

Perfection Perfection January 25, 2020

It’s not easy finding quality sheets for a Flex King Bed. These sheets are the absolute best. Soft, well-made and fast delivery. I had a minor issue with a top sheet and the correction was swift and without hassle. Highly recommend.

Beth Super Impressed December 17, 2019

Ordered the fitting sheet and pillowcases for our Rosborough RF246. Sheets fit perfect, drawstring in front, wide end, makes it easy to fit.. Sheets look good, high quality, feel great and wash/dry quickly.
Just ordered the matching top sheet. Originally we cheaper out and bought flat sheet online to save $20. Big mistake. Save yourself the trouble and buy the whole set!!
Very happy boater.

Pineohero19 Perfect Sheets December 12, 2019

Perfect sheets, made to order. Just the right fit for my unusually high mattress. 600 thread count is ideal – high quality, good drape, any higher thread count and the sheets would be too thick. Owners are wonderful to work with!

Charles Finely a solution October 6, 2019

My memory foam mattress would not keep any sheet in place even with elastic clips on them. The Quahog sheets have not moved in over two weeks.

Sonja Love it! October 6, 2019

Bedding is absolutely gorgeous and such good quality! Customer service was wonderful. This is our first boat and ordering custom made betting was a completely new process to me. She walks me through every step and had my order to me within 10 days. Will definitely order from them again.

Marilyn The sheets fit our bed in our forward… May 22, 2019

The sheets fit our bed in our forward cabin in our boat perfectly.

Becky S We ordered the universal v-berth… May 16, 2019

The universal v-berth mattress pad and fitted sheet, and – because apparently the rest of the world sleeps on those upside down – we ordered the set “customized” with the regular-shape flat sheet. Customer service and delivery time were excellent – and they were able to nicely accommodate a change in color preference the day after I placed the order. The set is for a 2004 SeaRay 280 Sundancer. The v-berth has a really odd asymmetrical shape – but the pad and sheet absolutely could not fit better if we’d had them custom- made. We are very, very pleased with that! If anyone has suggestions on how to make the bed look neat and tidy with a regular shaped queen top sheet and bedspread, please do share! There’s just a lot going on there to “make the bed” neatly. Thank you!

customer Wonderful Customer Service May 9, 2019

Wonderful customer service

BigMamaD Love our new sheets and blanket May 1, 2019

Love our new sheets and blanket! Beautiful colors. Snug fit on mattress.

Beckycustomer Very good quality and great service. April 29, 2019

Very good quality and great service.

J. Marino These sheets are well made April 24, 2019

These sheets are well made, sturdy and very soft against the skin. We found these after we bought a split-king Sleep # Bed. We didn’t like the quality of the sheets at the Sleep # bed store. So googled for sheets that would work on our bed; read great reviews and ordered them. They arrived quickly. We are very pleased with them.

customer Wonderful product...fits great April 11, 2019

Wonderful product…fits great

Falmouth customer Sheets for unusual size mattress April 11, 2019

The bottom sheets I ordered came accurately sized, beautifully made and of fine cotton. And the order was fulfilled very promptly. I would definitely recommend Quahog Bay Bedding to others.

customer Great company April 10, 2019

Great company, customer service is excellent.

kathy Love these sheets March 27, 2019

Love the color, feel, and most of all the fit. I’ve washed and slept on these sheets several times and still love them. I hesitated to pay $80 for sheets but I’ll definitely order again.

VB These are the best sheets March 26, 2019

These are the best sheets! I’ve purchased other, more expensive, fitted split flex king sheets that tore easily with no recourse. The manufacturer told me that I needed to purchase again – the definition of insanity! From now on, Quaghog is my destination for bed linens. Superior quality, great price and fantastic customer service!

DICROSTA HOLLY & BART the sheets are very well made but the… March 26, 2019

the sheets are very well made but the string loosens up and then they come off the bed so that is very frustrating

Shannon 38 owner Exactly what I ordered March 25, 2019

Exactly what I ordered. Excellent quality and lightning fast shipping. A+ company

Dennis Excellent product and service March 20, 2019

Nicely done special modifications for my vee beth cushion, nice quality and exceptional, personal service to make it happen.

Lisa S Love the quality of this company! March 12, 2019

Love the quality of this company. You won’t be disappointed!

tc86 Thanks a bunch! March 4, 2019

Thanks a bunch!

M Metzger I am very pleased with both the quality… February 27, 2019

I am very pleased with both the quality of service and product. Thank you for attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

Rose Loper Fast and responsive staff produced… February 22, 2019

Fast and responsive staff produced outstanding sheets for our pulan berth.

Beverly (Orlando, FL) Absolutely love the splix flex king… February 15, 2019

Absolutely love the splix flex king fitted sheet that I bought! I received it pretty quick and the quality is outstanding! Not like cheap store bought sheets. The sheet seems thicker and works great on our adjustable bed. The price I thought is very reasonable also. Will definitely be purchasing more sheets from here. This is one of the few that I can actually purchase these type of sheets from. 🙂

NEWMARK, BERTRAM The entire experience was perfect. January 29, 2019

The entire experience was perfect. The quality of the flannel sheets, the fit (mine was custom fit for very unusual size mattresses), the feel, and the personal service were above my expectations.

Laura1of5 super soft but some drawbacks January 26, 2019

We love the immediate softness of the sheets and the obvious quality and they fit well on our split top king sleep number bed. But they are far too expensive, limited in color, no patterns and it took a long time to receive them because they had run out of the fabric. However I was only told that after I asked what was taking so long, so not great customer communication. However I gave four stars because I could not give 3 1/2.

Bighuie custom sheets January 24, 2019

Sent dementions for custom V Birth for my boat. Fitted sheet fit perfectly. Communication was very good and delivery was just as promised.

Karren I read an article about your company in The Times Record. January 21, 2019

I read an article about your company in the Times Record. Since we were in need of a new set of sheets, I went to your website. There was a sale on cotton sheets so I ordered a set along with a cotton blanket. Your website was easy to navigate and place an order. We received the items a couple of days from when ordered (it helps that we only live 20 miles from Brunswick). The sheets are now on our bed and I’ve very pleased with their feel. They fit the bed well and look good. Thank you.

Steve Thank you January 13, 2019

Thank you. You are the best in the industry.

Linda O Quality of bedding is perfect January 11, 2019

Quality of bedding is perfect. Bottom sheet tightens well around our lightweight, miracle foam mattress without slipping off during the night. Not having to pick up our heavy mattress each time I try to make the bed really saves my sore back. Great idea!

Kathy Flareau Fits Perfect! January 11, 2019

Fits Perfect!

Timothy Exactly as advertised-Excellent December 25, 2018

The bedding arrived and was exactly as specified on the website. We have a new Jeanneau Sun Odessey 419. The V berth sheets, mattress pad, blanket and duvet fit perfectly. The drawstrings on the mattress cover and bottom sheet worked well. The quality is excellent and the cost of the set was several hundred dollars less than a custom set. I highly recommend this company.

Sandy Love my new split top sheets December 7, 2018

Love my new split top sheets. Best design I’ve seen yet.

customer amazing quality but quite expensive December 6, 2018

amazing quality but quite expensive

Sunny Drohan I am sorry about review which is… November 17, 2018

I am sorry about review which is untested. My concern is before one tries these sheets, they need to be washed. And if there are problems such as sides not long enough to tuck in or other problems, one can’t return them. This is dilemma for me. What’s a customer to do? Sunny D.

Ellen Great Product November 15, 2018

Great product! Easy to work with customer service and the quality is top notch!

V. Younger The good news is the flannel split head… November 14, 2018

Update: After my review the company reached out to me to replace the sheets. Awesome customer service! I guess I should have started there …ooops! The good news is the flannel split head cal king sheets fit perfectly. The bad news is the flannel is of poor quality. It’s thin and after I washed them in cold water they pilled up very badly. Uncomfortable to sleep on. Disappointed for such expensive sheets. :/

Lori Disler The sheets are high quality November 10, 2018

The sheets are high quality. They wash well and wear well.

Cynthia Spaulding Just the best split top sheets on the… October 29, 2018

Just the best split top sheets on the market.

M. Greene Don't fit my mattress and pillows October 28, 2018

They look well-made and of good quality. However, they seem too small for my bed. The pillow cases just barely cover the pillows completely, and the flat sheet doesn’t allow for much tucking in the sides. The fitted sheet is hard to get all the way on the mattress even with the pull cords completely lengthened. I will be returning these.

Shirley Kline Truly FITTED sheets October 27, 2018

Nothing like truly FITTED sheets. These sheets can be fitted as tightly as you would like them. You could literally “bounce a dime” off of them if you so choose to. Great quality. Have 2 sets and love them.

Carol Great quality! October 26, 2018

Great quality!

Dreaming in Doylestown Can’t say enough about these sheets October 26, 2018

Can’t say enough about these sheets! We bought split top king for our sleep number bed. They are beautiful quality, so comfortable, and arrived very quickly. Love love love!

William Felton We have bought 2 sets of Flex King… October 26, 2018

We have bought 2 sets of Flex King Sheets for our Sleep Number bed and they have been outstanding! Far superior in quality than the costly sheets from Sleep Number. I highly recommend Quahog Bay!

Bernadette Smith Very disappointed October 26, 2018

My coverlet was supposedly the XL for my v-birth but it was way to short on the sides. I had already washed it trusting that they gave me the right size but when I went to place it on the bed it was way to short all along the sides. The length was fine. The sheets were okay not as soft as I’d like. When I called about the coverlet she basically told me I was out of luck because I had washed it. I will not do business with them again. That coverlet was not cheap and I can’t use it for any bed I own. I was extremely disappointed in the coverlet and the service.

Molly Riemann The best sheets at a reasonable price! October 26, 2018

I have purchased 3 sets of these sheets and they are the most comfortable, easy care sheets I have owned.

Sharon Ciessau-Atcher The split king sheets are so wonderful… October 26, 2018

The split king sheets are so wonderful on my sleep number bed. The 600 count set are getting softer with every wash, but still feel strong. Per the instructions I’ve used woolite and a small amount of Downey on the delicate cycle. The single fitted option is also a godsend after the sheets sold by sleep number tore terribly. Thankful for this option to retain the used of the rest of the set. But from now on, I’ll be staying with Quahog Bay for future set purchases, especially with the lifetime guarantee. My only hope is that the 600 count split king will be offered in more colors in the future. I love white, but some other choices would be a bonus. I will promote these sheets as a sleep number owner alternative, so hopefully the market will grow and the company can expand their offerings.

Teri Lee The reason for the 3 stars is that the… October 26, 2018

The reason for the 3 stars is that the product doesn’t fit the RV bed (2019 Midwest Sprinter 20 ft) that I purchased it for and the sheets aren’t as soft as I expected them to be. Visually, they are beautiful, 5 stars and they fit my king size mattress in my home perfectly so 5 stars for that as well.

Jane Almond Customer service is excellent October 26, 2018

Customer service is excellent

Michael Crowther Worked out great for my boat October 26, 2018

Worked out great for my boat, thanks!

Diana Fox Fits our v-berth well in our Hunter 36. October 26, 2018

Fits our v-berth well in our Hunter 36.

Bonnie Watts This is some of the best betting I’ve…This is some of the best bedding I’ve ever purchased. I just love it October 26, 2018

This is some of the best betting I’ve ever purchased. I just love it

customer Peggy Most comfortable sheets and fit is… October 22, 2018

Most comfortable sheets and fit is amazing!

Suzie Better than imagined! October 18, 2018

I recently purchased a Reverie Flex Top King and needed special sheets to fit this unusual size. I am a bed/sheet snob and was really lost since my 2 favorite brands didn’t make this size. I tried a couple new companies but my standards are extremely high. I talked to Beth in Customer Service, she guided me to the bamboo sheet set and I must say, they are actually BETTER than what I had been using. These are my new standard for excellence – love love love these sheets! I will be changing my guest bedrooms over to Quahog. I absolutely can’t believe I didn’t know about these before.

MS in Lees Summit, MO The quality of their sheets is… October 5, 2018

The quality of their sheets is impressive and they arrived quickly!

customer This companies customer service is… October 4, 2018

This companies customer service is excellent. I have a replacement split bottom sheet and mattress cover to replace my old Sleep Number set. The old set ripped and came apart. I can tell that the fabric and workmanship on the Quahog is superior. Haven’t had the replacement long enough to test durability.

JCD Really nice quality sheets and the… October 2, 2018

Really nice quality sheets and the cinch works great for an RV bed.

customer Very satisfied. September 19, 2018

I was a little concerned because our boat has a custom mattress that is exactly 6 inches deep. Ordered the size L V berth sheet set and they fit perfectly! Very soft, washed and dried nicely. Happy with the purchase, especially after getting them on sale. Would definitely recommend these to a friend.

Linda Erickson Excellent quality for a good price September 12, 2018

I wanted sheets for our boat’s V berth. Custom made as well as pre-made retail were astronomically priced. I purchased the XL cinch sheets on sale for our 2008 Prestancia cruiser and these fit well. They arrived within 4 days, were of high quality and fit well – they stayed on the bed through 4 nights. Very satisfied.

CINDY We love our sheets September 6, 2018

We love our sheets! We bought the bamboo. Don’t worry if they feel a bit lIke sail cloth when removing from the washing machine. Once dried they are luxuriously wonderful to sleep upon. Making the bed is so much easier with the Vberth sheets and once pulled snug and cinched the bottom sheet stays in place perfectly.

customer Great service September 1, 2018

Great service, quick turn-around, and sheets are super comfortable!

Judy I just recently ordered my sheet set… August 21, 2018

I just recently ordered my sheet set and couldn’t have been more pleased with the service I received. I contacted them questioning which size I should order (I gave them bed measurements) and they immediately got back to me on the correct size. I ordered them the following day and the set I ordered was sent out that day. Once I got said sheets to the boat, they fit beautifully and had a wonderful soft feel to them. I haven’t washed them yet, but I certainly don’t have any concerns. Great service with a nice product! I couldn’t be happier.

customer Soft August 15, 2018

Soft, high quality sheets and the cinch feature insures a perfect fit.

Fred M v-berth sheets are fantastic August 9, 2018

We love the fit and feel of the new xl v-berth sheets which we use on our J/44 sailboat. The customer service of Quahog Bay Bedding was great too as they helped sort out a delivery issue with UPS. Great product!

Kirsten We love our V berth sheets and… August 4, 2018

We love our V berth sheets and comforter 🙂 Everything fit perfectly.

PatriceCurt Spalding Amazing Sheets - Totally Worth It! July 29, 2018

We ordered our V-berth 600 cotton boat sheets last Sunday for our new boat! I was slightly hesitant because they were a bit expensive (a bit crazy to hesitate because the boat was basically the price of a starter home!). They arrived on Wednesday and we used them this weekend. They fit perfectly, and are the best sheets we have ever purchased! I am now going to buy a set for our bed a home!

Kim K Love this company July 26, 2018

Love this company! We have purchased the v berth sheets, mattress pad, blanket and fleece. They fit well, are easy to put on and are well made. I am keeping an eye on the cotton blanket as it seems to be wearing a little after repeated washes, but will definitely return to this company for our boat bedding. Our little v berth feels quite luxurious!

Christy Happy for the most part July 25, 2018

Happy with products, but did return one item. My only complaint is that no return shipping label was included with items, and I had to pay $21 in return UPS shipping fees on $119 return.

customer Highly recommend July 17, 2018

Very soft, perfect fit and nice weight!! Love!!

K. Poe Soft, Warm, and Good Looking July 16, 2018

This blanket is very soft, ligt but warm, and looks great on our v-berth – I love it!

Cynthia We have a split flex top california… July 13, 2018

We have a split flex top california king and these are the first sheets that do not tear in the crotch and have a decent thread count. 600. Would like to see them in a higher thread count; but they fit and are really superior to anything we have been able to find.

customer Fits perfectly! July 13, 2018

Fits perfectly!

Ms Janis Jeffries Great personalized customer service… July 3, 2018

Great personalized customer service plus a really great product. Couldn’t be any better. This is the kind of company you want to do business with!

Amanda Fast shipping and FINALLY a quality… June 28, 2018

Fast shipping and FINALLY a quality sheet for my flex top bed that is sew correctly with the correct materials and should not RIP! Beyond happy with this company and product.

customer Perfect light blanket. June 18, 2018

Perfect light blanket.

Janie Duke Received quickly June 17, 2018

Received quickly. Sheet fit great and feels great!! Thank you for such a quality product!!!!!

Mark w. onboard the sloop "BlueBelle" I ordered a v-berth fleece blanket from… June 13, 2018

I ordered a v-berth fleece blanket from Quahog Bay Bedding on sale with free shipping. Everything was clear and precise regarding ordering and tracking. I received the item packed well and on time. I am very happy with Quahog Bay Bedding and will order again. The item was USA made!

Adams Ordered a duvet and cover June 11, 2018

Ordered a duvet and cover. Received a duvet and sheet set. Tried to contact via phone and online text and a week later, no response.

Debby Our sheets are very comfortable &… June 6, 2018

Our sheets are very comfortable & washed nicely. We are very pleased with our purchase. Thank you, Debby

Debby Our sheets are very comfortable &… June 6, 2018

Our sheets are very comfortable & washed nicely. We are very pleased with our purchase. Thank you, Debby

CP Weis Fitted V-Berth sheets June 6, 2018

Fitted sheet was too small for my Shannon 39. Widest end is 93″.

Cari B Love Love Love the plush mattress… May 29, 2018

Love Love Love the plush mattress topper! It fits perfectly and feels great. Sheet was really good too. Great quality.

Garry C Nice sheets May 29, 2018

Nice sheets, looks to be good quality, fast service

customer Absolutely love these sheets May 29, 2018

Absolutely love these sheets, especially the reinforced area at the bottom of the split top mattress. These have definitely held up better than ones I’ve purchased from Sleep Number.

L. Collins Excellent service May 24, 2018

Excellent service. Very helpful when choosing the right products.

Sandy I was trying to find the right sheets… April 24, 2018

I was trying to find the right sheets for a bed on a sailboat. The measurements were very odd to me so I contacted Quahog ( I googled what I needed). Beth helped me and she was the best!! And my son said the sheets fit perfectly. He asked me how I did that?? I told him Google, Quahog and Beth! Thank you!

Ron This is the first set of bedding we've… April 21, 2018

This is the first set of bedding we’ve purchased for the boat. The 600 count is as soft as anyone could ask for.

John Hauck, Titus, Alabama 2003 Rosborough RF-246 Recently made my first couple orders… April 21, 2018

Recently made my first couple orders with Quahog Bay Bedding. They produce first quality products. I have yet to try out my V berth sheets, blanket, and mattress pad, but looking forward to it really soon. I’ll let you know what I think about them then. Customer service is 100%. It is unusual to do business with folks that respect and appreciate their customers, the folks that are paying the bills. Thanks, Beth.

Peter Jay Great V-berth sheets April 8, 2018

Very pleased with our V-berth sheets! Beth was easy to talk to and deal with and listened to our needs. We asked for a fast turn around time due to our schedule, thinking a couple weeks, and they were made and shipped within 2 days. They fit just how I expected them to fit and the quality and workmanship seems to be there. Only minor glitch was that the draw string pocket was stated to go at the head of the boat/ the bow and so we initially put them on backwards. In our case at least the pouch is at the head of the bed, but at the aft end of the berth. Not a big problem but a couple minutes of head scratching trying to figure why they didn’t fit. Slept on them last night for the first time and they were wonderful. No problem recommending them, we are very satisfied.

Caroline Great personal attention February 14, 2018

Great personal attention. I have purchased home bedding as well as boat bedding. All great quality.

Gina Caamano Excellent bedding and excellent … January 24, 2018

Excellent bedding and excellent customer service. Very happy with them!

Noel Great New Sheets! January 20, 2018

We just put our new sheets on our split king adjustable base bed, and we are delighted! The sheets are lovely, and the drawstring fitted sheets make putting them on the mattresses so much easier than with the regular fitted sheets we had been using. Thank you so much for thinking of this great idea.

Donna Trainer Tapley Well made mattress pad January 18, 2018

Well made mattress pad, fits great. We have a Sleep Number split head flex king bed. The guys who installed our bed said the quality was so much better than the mattress pad Sleep Number sells.

customer We have only washed them once January 17, 2018

We have only washed them once. They are soft

Valda Excellent product and customer service December 29, 2017

Excellent product and customer service. The best for custom bedding!

Erin Fits perfectly on our Cherubini v-berth! December 29, 2017

Fits perfectly on our Cherubini v-berth!

customer I have utilize your company products in … December 6, 2017

I have utilize your company products in the past for marine bedding for my boat and was much pleased with the quality and competitive pricing. Thanks Quahog!!!! Jesse

Brian Great fit and quality. December 4, 2017

Great fit and quality. Only one washing but I can tell the quality of these sheets are much higher than the ones I’ve been using. I really like the snug fit. My other sheets are Royal Traditions which are good, they don’t fit as snug but they are also much less expensive. I’m using the Split Head King size for a Reverie DreamTop mattress.

Patrick Belland cinch-guard bedding November 24, 2017

We recently purchased new bedroom suites. The king split-matress adjustable bed has very thick mattresses (22″ thick). Finding linen for these mattresses that would stay on when the bed was raised or otherwise adjusted was next to impossible until I found Quahog Bay bedding on-line. Their sinch-guard bedding in wonderful and very easy to care for. I highly recommend their bedding products to everyone. After trying one set, I have purchased two more sets, and plan to buy more.

Paul S. Love the flannel sheets November 24, 2017

Love the flannel sheets, fit our slurp number split flex king beautifully.

Shara ALWAYS GREAT November 21, 2017

Always fast response, good customer service, great quality, prompt delivery.

CP & KP The Split Head Flex King sheet set fits … November 15, 2017

The Split Head Flex King sheet set fits bed great, and the cotton fabric is very confortable. The 600 TC appears much stronger than the ones we originally bought from bed company. The service and shipping were great, and we received the sheet set within the time advertised. We do recommend Quahog Bay Bedding company for all your bedding needs. Thanks for the fine product CP & KP

Vicky Another great experience! November 1, 2017

Another great experience!

Nancie Finally! Bottom sheets that stay put! October 28, 2017

Wonderful and prompt service from this company. I love the cinch-fit bottom sheets for our odd shaped boat bed. Have just ordered another set and a mattress protector.

Valentina This company is terrific October 25, 2017

This company is great, people are wonderful to work with. Very accommodating, I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

Vicky Excellent sheets!!! October 24, 2017

Excellent sheets!!!! They fit my sleep number adjustable bed very well!!! I am very happy with the product and the customer service. I will be ordering another set today.

Penny Very comfortable and soft sheets October 24, 2017

Very comfortable and soft sheets. Sturdy as well. Has maintained color and shape through many washes. Highly recommend.

Denise I love these sheets October 23, 2017

I love these sheets and after using them for almost a year, they are still excellent. They fit our oddly shaped boat mattress perfectly.

Andrew Quahog Bay Bedding is the Best… October 23, 2017

Quahog Bay Bedding is the epitome of customer service. The custom linens that they made for my 30′ Sabre are of the highest quality and were very attractively priced. Being a small Maine business it was easy to talk to them, they listened well and delivered just what I wanted at a very good price. I have owned sailboats for over three decades and have dealt with many marine stores, suppliers, yacht yards, etc. My experience with Quahog Bay Bedding was very satisfying and I most emphatically recommend them to any discriminating yachtsman. Lcdr. Andrew McMullan, USNR (Ret.)

Carolyn Processing time prolonged October 23, 2017

It took a long time between ordering and receiving my sheets. Not sure why. I like the sheets so may order another set.

Deborah The bottom sheet never did fit the … October 23, 2017

The bottom sheet never did fit the split top sleep number bed properly (sleep number fits better). After washing and following directions it falls even shorter on sides and top to bottom than the Sleep Number sheets. I only used the Quahog sheets 4 times in a year, rather put up with the sheets I bought from Sleep Number! If you own a Sleep Number bed, Split Top Adjustable king, stay with Sleep number sheets, they are better while not perfect!!

Connie These are really nice sheets October 23, 2017

These are really nice sheets. They wash well and fabric feels soft. We have a split king and this set works great.

Barbara Love love love these sheets October 23, 2017

Love love love these sheets – just wish there were more colors!

Peter Great product, Great service October 22, 2017

Product was just what I wanted, and service was exceptional

Alison The sheets are very soft October 22, 2017

The sheets are very soft. They fit the odd size mattress beautifully.

Norma October 20, 2017

Absolutely pleased with the quality and customer service I received.

Patricia Great sheets and blankets. October 20, 2017

Great sheets and blankets.

Teresa Excellent product October 18, 2017

Excellent product, a little pricey.

Melody D. The v-berth sheets we purchased from … October 17, 2017

The v-berth sheets we purchased from Sailboat Interiors were high quality and sooo soft. But most importantly, it made making the bed in our boat SO EASY. Seriously, that was my least favorite thing to do before, and after we got the sheets, I could make our v-berth in less than a minute. I’d never go back to square sheets after using these!

Ellen Overall very good - one issue October 16, 2017

Service is great, the materials are well made and very comfortable. My only complaint is that the split part of the sheets does not fit as well as it needs to on the split king.

SB The product is good October 16, 2017

The product is good. My one issue is the strings to tighten the sheets are on the long side of the sheets. In the vberth they are difficult to reach. If the strings were on the short side I would have given the product a five.

Arayasonshine X2 Very satisfied with the products I have … October 16, 2017

Very satisfied with the products I have purchased over the years. Colors stay vivid, drawstring elastic base sheets hold tight even with adjustable base bedding frames. Good idea for the laundry protective pouch for the draw strings. I much prefer the increased thread count cotton sheets for their texture and durability. My guests compliment the sheets for their comfort.

VS These are the best sheets I've ever … October 16, 2017

These are the best sheets I’ve ever purchased. I bought two sets and they fit any bed perfectly. Plus they’re comfortable and easy to wash. The customer service is also excellent.

Maureen Good quality products and shipping. October 16, 2017

Good quality products and shipping. Really comfy and snuggly blanket and throw.

H Li Excellent workmanship October 16, 2017

Excellent workmanship. The sheets (fitted and flat) fit the V-berth on my sailboat perfectly once one makes use of the built-in adjustment cords to tailor to size. Similarly, the quilt cover is well made and fits the V-berth on my Pacific Seacraft sailboat well.

Regina My new bedding was VERY nice with no … October 15, 2017

My new bedding was VERY nice with no need to call customer service however, with the quality product they sold me, would keep everyone from calling them….. they will be like the lonely Maytag Repairman. ( you have to be old like me to understand that one….. ask someone over 60 and they will tell you…. Thanks and I will not hesitate to order again….. Regina

Barry High quality sheets for difficult to … October 15, 2017

High quality sheets for difficult to find size for our V berth

Devon Bought sheets for my sleep number split … October 15, 2017

Bought sheets for my sleep number split king mattress. Sleep number charges a fortune for their sheets and the strange shape made it nearly impossible to find sheets that fit. Quahog Bay makes a quality product for a better price.

Myra This company is awesome October 15, 2017

This company is awesome. There were quality issues on first order and they made it right! Totally trustworthy and I will order again.

Suzanne This company has a fantastic product. October 15, 2017

This company has a fantastic product, just what we needed for our vberth on the boat and super customer service. They really came through for us when we had a trip deadline and we were able to sleep comfortably every night, no more pulled out sheets. I ordered the blanket and throw to match later, and they are so soft and well made. Highly recommended them to our boating friends. Thanx.

Caroline I really like the sheets October 15, 2017

I really like the sheets. They do wrinlke,

Paul We are happy with the product but … October 15, 2017

We are happy with the product but recieved regular pillow cases when we ordered king size.

Shelley I like the fabric of the sheets October 15, 2017

I like the fabric of the sheets. Nice and crisp. But unfortunately they aren’t as deep as our adjustable air mattress so even with the adjustment they pop off the corners.

Lou-Ann Better than Sleep Number by far! October 15, 2017

These sheets were great for my Sleep Number mattress. Thank you soooo much for such high quality sheets. We love them

pdhmaine Great Idea for our Boat and Camp Sheets October 15, 2017

We now have sets of sheets in our boat and our camp. The cinch has solved a bottom-sheet problem that plagued us for years. Brilliant!

LouAnn King berth sheets October 15, 2017

Great king fitted sheet for my boats berth. Great quality, purchased a couple of years ago and still look great! Thank you so much, Lou

Carolyn These sheets fit our v berth perfectly October 15, 2017

These sheets fit our v berth perfectly, are easy to put on, they stay in place and are so very comfortable.

Cindra Love the concept of the drawstring to … October 15, 2017

Love the concept of the drawstring to fit our boat mattress. Not that crazy about the fabric. It’s too coarse for my taste. Would love a more sateen finish.

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