The Towel Anchor

Towel Anchor; keeping dish towels from falling on boat floors.

Introducing our Towel Anchor

When we’re on our boats, we all want to keep things shipshape, and we especially don’t want items underfoot. That’s why we created the Towel Anchor. Simply put, it keeps dish towels from falling on boat floors.

This super-smart idea, 18” long x 5” wide, is designed to hang underneath your towel on the towel rail, providing hidden gripping action to hold the towel in place. It’s ingenious; towels don’t slip or fall off the towel bar. 

It is sure to grip tight onto any size stove handle, towel bar, or towel ring.

It is 100% cotton with rubber non-slip dots on both sides. Alternating Velcro on the underside of the fabric grips any sized towel bar tightly.

The Towel Bar isn’t only ideal for boats – it’s great in your kitchen at home, or in an RV or camper.

Of course, we also have a wide selection of colorful, top quality dish towels to sit atop your Towel Bar. 

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