Wherever Cord Curtains

Wherever Cord Curtains; designed to hang wherever you need.

Introducing the Wherever Cord Curtains

We experienced a problem with our curtains. It was frustrating to say the least, so we fixed the issue. Designed to hang wherever you need, we created the Wherever Cord Curtains.

These are perfect for anyone who does not want to put a hole in their boat using traditional hardware. You simply use non-damaging wall hooks turned sideways. It couldn’t get any easier than that.

Because our boats are often our homes, the importance of comfort and convenience exists. Customers love this product set. They add a modern window style and the comforts of home to any boat.

Inclined surface problems are solved using top and bottom tabs. Fully lined, these can be hung individually or strung together in a pair or more. Larger areas pleat beautifully, sliding open when not needed, and hugging the bottom to the wall at rest time.

You will be love this innovation. It is easy, beautiful and practical. As a result of this innovative invention, one of our satisfied customer says: “A beautiful addition to our Catalina 22, great workmanship, very pleased.”

Handcrafted in Maine, the Wherever Cord Curtains come with elastic cord, cord locks and stainless steel eye screws. 

Visit us online at www.sailboat-interiors.com to see all our innovative products. 

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